Poppies rehearsals - day one

Like a lot of actors I am always fearful of the first day of rehearsal. Its probably the mix of meeting the cast, making a good impression and reading through the script for the first time. You've got to strike the balance between the 'fun and fearless' clown and the nerd who has highlighted their script. Thankfully neither characters were present in the rehearsal room (although Leah- who plays Elsie- did go home and highlight her script ready for day two!) Instead, I found a group of enthusiastic, bubbly but down-to-earth actors. No jazz hands here!

Before long we had raced through the awkward 'which shows have you been in' and 'where did you train?' conversations and were laughing like a group of friends. I think its safe to say that the Edinburgh Fringe is going to be a lot of fun...or have I spoken to soon? I'll keep you posted!

- Katie

Kiwi popsicle

#rehearsals #edfringe #poppies #SpaceTriplex

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