Poppies Rehearsals - end of week one!

Music Box theatre doesn't take a conventional approach to rehearsals. So far, it has been a creative collaboration transforming the rehearsal room into a playground for the arts. Everything and everyone is thrown into the mix and from there we see what sticks. For me, this way of working is both exciting and terrifying - we start the day with no idea of where we will end up. This 'blank-canvas' process provides us with a creative freedom that can be lost in 'actor- director-script' rehearsals. Of course some of our ideas are complete rubbish so we laugh a lot and start again. But some of our spontaneous, improvised moments are keepers; suddenly a song takes on a completely new character because Chris has tried a new harmony or Ollie has added a violin solo beautifully leading us into a song opening.

Without rigid rehearsals 'rules' we aren't restrained by 'right' and 'wrong'. Instead we get to play. And we're having a lot of fun doing it. We finished the week with an intense day of choreography but rewarded ourselves with a team trip to the famous Fish and Chip restaurant along the road from our rehearsal space. And the name of it? Poppies.

Roll on week two...

- Katie


#SpaceTriplex #poppies #edfringe #rehearsals

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