Work in progress of a new show presented as part of 

Damsel Productions


Damsel Productions present Damsel Develops: a new festival committed to helping emerging female directors develop work, with the hope of moving towards a future production. In September, Damsel Productions called out for project pitches from female directors across the UK. The pieces could be old, new, devised or adapted – all was welcome as long as it was written or conceived by women and committed to representing the female experience on stage. 

Our Artistic Director Laura Kaye Thomson is working on a new musical currently titled 'The Restorative Artist' which was chosen to be part of Damsel Develops festival. Along with book writer Clancy Flynn, director Tania Azevedo, producer Denise Koch and actor Sinead Wall, presented the beginnings of this musical at The Bunker Theatre as part of Damsel Develops 'Green' programme on 17th and 18th November 2018.